Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are here to stay! The Garry™ upright vacuum cleaner offers maneuverability to get into those hard to reach places. There is no need to muscle the Garry™ upright vacuum cleaner around. Its light weight, weighing in at only 9 pounds, the Garry™ upright vacuum cleaner lets you clean your entire house without feeling like you just push a car down the street.

Cleaning stairs used to be a chore until the Garry™ upright vacuum entered the scene. With its ultra Long reach 10 foot hose and 18.5 inch hose extension paired with a 30 foot power cord you'll move from the bottom step to the top step with the ease. Also these added features allow you to go from room to room without missing a beat.

The Garry™ upright vacuum cleaner not only offers superior cleaning, it comes with a world-class lifetime warranty. If for any reason your Garry™ breaks our stops functioning correctly, we will repair or replace it for free. Not only do we offer this lifetime warranty, you'll never need to pay for another vacuum bag, as we give you free bags for life too! 

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