Professional Vacuum Cleaners

The Garry™ vacuum is a professional vacuum cleaner, and it packs a punch that just can’t be topped. With 40% more suction power than the competition, the Garry™ professional vacuum cleaners seeks out and destroys deep down dirt that can't be reached with any other vacuum cleaner. With its powerful 6,000 RPM motor and agitating brushes, Garry™ professional vacuum cleaner creates the “ultimate cleaning machine”.

Combine this extreme power with a multilayer filtration bag and you get a professional vacuum cleaner that will also remove harmful contaminants such as bacteria and allergens.

The Garry™ professional vacuum cleaner features an assortment of on-board attachments to conquer even the toughest dirt and pet hair. With a 10-foot reach and at   only 9 pounds, the Garry™ professional vacuum cleaner helps you tackle those dreaded stairs with ease. The Garry™ professional vacuum cleaner out-performs the competition!

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