Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

At only about 9 pounds, the Garry™ ultra light professional vacuum is one of the lightest vacuums in its class.  It is definitely one of the most lightweight vacuum cleaners, so you won’t have to muscle it around to get the job done.

The Garry™ lightweight vacuum cleaner allows you the reach of a NBA superstar.

The combination of its 10 foot (when stretched) hose, its 18.5 inch hose extension, and that it’s a lightweight vacuum cleaner, allow you to clean in corners you can’t reach with heavier vacuum cleaners.

Our lightweight vacuum cleaner will take the all the hassle out of cleaning the stairs. The Garry™ ultra light professional vacuum is such a lightweight vacuum cleaner, you can clean stairs with ease.  And its 30 foot cord allows you to move from room to room without stopping to unplug and move to another outlet. 

Click here to find out more about The Garry™ lightweight vacuum cleaner. Find out why we are the best and why thousands of people choose our lightweight vacuum cleaner over all the rest.

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