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The Garry™ Ultra Light Vacuum is a professional quality, ultra lightweight vacuum with superior suction power. The Garry’s™ powerful agitating brush spins at an impressive 6,600 RPM – delivering ONE PASS no-back-track technology. This means that the Garry™ loosens stubborn, even hidden ground-in dirt from your carpets, rugs, wood floors, furniture and drapes THE FIRST TIME YOU PASS OVER THE DIRT!



The hypo-allergenic type bag filtration system with its five layer outer bag and three layer inner bag removes harmful particles in your air down to .3 microns and eliminates the mess and hassle associated with vacuum “dirt cups.” Plus, the Garry™ actually cleans your air as it cleans your floors – trapping allergens and dust!


Customer Reviews:
Theresa from Florida ~ 05-01-2011 - "I just want to take the opportunity to let you know how much I like my Garry Vacuum Cleaner. I have a Jack Russel and he sheds alot... the vacuum is great to pick up the dog hair on the tile, carpet and also furniture using the hand tools that are included. It is really light weight and so easy to use. I've tried the "bagless" cleaners and there is always a mess in cleaning out the container. I really like having the light on the front of the vacuum so you can really see the dirt on the floor. It has a great suction also it's true that you get free replacement bags for life. I placed an order and all I had to pay was the shipping. I'm usually pretty skeptical on "Infomercials", but I am really pleased that I made the purchase of the Garry Vacuum Cleaner. Not to mention... the Customer Service I have received is outstanding!"
Chris Follmer ~ 04-26-2010 - "I have used Kirby, Lectro Lux, And Hoover vacuums and i have to say this is best vacuum i have ever purchased it is light and definitely has great suction."
Hannah Y. ~ 11-10-2009 - "There are 2 things that I love the most about my Garry Vacuum - the suction power and how lite it is! Just the thought of having to set up the vacuum cleaner isn't daunting anymore. It stores easily, and sets up quickly. No more lugging out a big, heavy vacuum, or fidgeting with knobs, switches, and a ton of attachments. I have a dog that sheds like crazy, and my Garry Vacuum cleaner gets the place neat and clean once again. "
Cornelia W. ~ 11-10-2009 - "I had tried two other cleaners in the past year and was very unhappy with their performance. I wanted a vacuum with a bag that would pick up cat hair on the rug. This cleaner did it on the first pass. I was so pleased. I did not have to go over and over the area. It has a large bag. I never could understand why anyone would want to use a bagless cleaner. I tried one and it was messy to empty. I want the dirt and allergens in a bag. In other words, I am very pleased with this machine; and, it has a such a long cord that I can do my whole condo with changing the plug. "
Karen M. ~ 11-10-2009 - "I hate to admit, but I was wrong. I was annoyed that my husband bought this vacuum for me without asking because since I do the vacuuming, I wanted a different brand. I thought I knew better. But I am appreciating the lightweightness of this vacuum. I have a Hoover WindTunnel upright and I would hurt my back when trying to vacuum the carpeting on the stairs. I also tried the Shark Roadster which is lightweight, but I felt the suction was not great. Well, this Garry product is not only lightweight, but the suction on this machine is fantastic. I have 4 cats in the house and feel very confident that all the hair and dust is being sucked up. Vacuuming is NO LONGER a chore. Thank you"
Victorio A. ~ 11-10-2009 - "The suction is terrific."
David C. ~ 11-10-2009 - "We really are glad we purchased the Garry. Our carpet looks like new! My wife appreciates the attached 'attachments'. She feels it makes vaccuming much easier! Thanks GARRY!"
Linda M. ~ 11-09-2009 - "The Garry Vacuum has been a great asset in our home. It is easy to use and fantastic that all the accessories are kept with the vacuum. I love this ultra light vacuum as it allows me to vacuum the whole house in one session. "
Diane V. ~ 11-09-2009 - "I use my Garry vaccum on both hardwood floors and carpet. My favorite feature is the way the vacuum transitions from one surface to the other without having to make any settng adjustments. The fact that the vacuum cleans all the way to the edges of the carpet along walls saves a lot of extra work. "
Gil M. ~ 11-09-2009 - "I am enjoying my vacuum. It works great, have not had any problems. Has a nice look and design. I recommend it to friends and family. It cleans my living room floor thoroughly! Will order another Garry Vacuum when the time comes! "
Jacqueline S. ~ 11-09-2009 - "I love the Garry! I had a bagless vacumm before and the MESS when I emptied it was horrible. Garry rides low so I can go under the beds, etc. and my dogs love the headlight almost as much as I do! "
Carolyn C. ~ 11-06-2009 - "WOW!!!I love this vacuum. It is powerful and lightweight. The cleaning is better than my Sear vacuum. I love that when you change the bags, there is not dust or dirt to contend with. An of course, the free bags for lifetime is great. I was not sure about your product when I saw the commercial on television, until I brought one. I have had it for several months and love it. Thank you. "
LYNELLE S. ~ 11-06-2009 - "The Garry is wonderful. It picks up just as the informercial states. It really goes under the beds and the couches. It does not make as much noise as other vaccums. My dog really is a trip with it. He used to be scared of the old vaccum but the Garry he just chases it all around. I really love it Thanx so much"
Phil D. ~ 11-05-2009 - "I was amazed at what a great job this inexpensive Vacuum Did The transition from Wood Floors to Carpet was seamless. It is very powerfull for such a compact unit. I have recommend to my friends that their next Vacuum purchase be a Garry. Thanks for providing me the chance to submit my comments."
Patty O ~ 11-05-2009 - "I received my Garry Vac 10/6/09 and have been using it ever since…and I LOVE IT! It picks up far better than any vac I’ve ever had and I appreciate the longer cord. Since I had just cleaned (with tools) along the edges throughout the house before my Garry arrived, I have not really been able to judge how well the Garry will clean up against the baseboards, which was my initial concern. Overall, I am very happy with it! "
Norma G ~ 11-02-2009 - "I am sooo very pleased with the Garry Vacuum, I now feel, that after vacuuming, my house is, TRULY clean. I feel it really beats, ANY vacuum out there on the market today and any future new ones. Thanks again for promoting it, because had it NOT been for you promoting it, I doubt seriously, whether I would have considered buying it. and other products, that I also have of yours, is what brought me to feel very safe in ordering the Garry Vacuum and trusting your word. Agin Bob, Thanks so very much "
Margaret R. From Seymour, CT ~ 10-29-2009 - "OKAY..... again, the Vacumn is SUPURB!!! AWE - SOME - EX - CEL - LANT!!! by far the best ....... "
Linda F ~ 10-22-2009 - "I bought your Vacuum last August, and wanted to tell you how much I love it! I have a VERY BAD back, so that makes it hard for me to do things. This Vacuum is THE BEST VACUUM, that I have ever owned, and I have been married for 40 years! I love the fact that is self adjusting, that saves time I'm going to different surfaces, also, it does so well on my hard wood floors! It doesn't spit dirt back onto my feet, like every other vacuum I have owned! And, it does an excellent job, such powerful suction!!! Thank you so much for making my life a little bit easier! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DON'T EVER TAKE YOUR GARRYVAC OFF OF THE MARKET"
Jackie M ~ 10-15-2009 - "The Garry Vacuum is working out just great"
MARGARET R ~ 10-10-2009 - "OMG Bob.... THANK YOU - I JUST received the Bags AND Mop Cloths a few mintues ago - THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!! This is what I call GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE - GREAT!!! Okay - I tried the vacumn and BRAVO!!! "
Enchi B. ~ 10-09-2009 - "Hey Bob! I've had my Garry vac for over a month now and I love it! It's so lightweight and it saves me so much time cleaning house. With 2 toddlers wreaking havoc around the house, the Garry alllows me more time to spend with them. Thanks for a wonderful product (who knew that watching tv at 3am would pay off) and I love the free bags for life (nothing's free anymore). Thanks Bob!!!"
Jane B. from Alabama ~ 10-08-2009 - "For over 15 years I have been a dedicated Rainbow Vacuum cleaner user. I never thought I would find anything to compare with the Rainbow. I tried Garry, and after asking Bob several questions, LOL, I told Bob I would write a review but only after I thoroughly tested the Garry. Boy, did I put it through the test. I vacuum the whole house multiple times just knowing once I went over the carpet and floors with the Rainbow then my theory would be true and the Rainbow would win victoriously hands down. Well, the Garry was awesome. I did not have to struggle with all the attachments, and water basin that was required by my faithful Rainbow. All you do is plug it up and go. The Garry is so light and convenient. I went over the house with my Rainbow and the water came out almost clean. The only thing in the water was some carpet fibers (and I mean a few)but NO dirt. I really love the Garry. It has won my heart... I hope it stays true to it performance for a long time. "
Sandy P ~ 10-07-2009 - "Hello, wanted to drop in and let you know we received the vacuum last Friday and after we attached it all together, my husband vacuumed the whole house. He, seems to like it a lot, he will not let me use it because I have this thing about burning up the belts and burning up vacuums. I came in from work today and he had vacuumed again. He keeps checking the roller at the bottom to make sure it does not have a lot of dog hair or my hair on it to plug anything up. So, maybe by this Saturday he will let me vacuum. Thanks for all your help and answering my questions. You take care and i will look for you on qvc. Have a nice day. Thanks again. "
Irena E ~ 10-06-2009 - "I love my garry vac I love the way the vac has wonderful suction even on the sides I also love the attached attachment it is so convient to pull out and vac It fits under the furniture it even cleans with one swipe the only vac I found that it really goes under the furniture My carpet looks like new and also the house smell good Bob the garry vac is just like you said and even more Thank you so much"
Robert W From Indio, CA ~ 10-03-2009 - "The Garry vacuum cleaner is the best I have ever had, you can really here the dirt that is in your carpet being removed. the Garry vacuum cleaner not only leaves your carpet looking revitalized but I swear the rooms smell fresher and they appear to be brighter looking after they have been vacuumed. The Garry vacuum cleaner is also very lite and maneuverable so you don't feel exhausted after you have finished the vacuuming just ask my wife she will tell you that I have definitely been helping more with the vacuuming around the house. Just as impressive is the price and payment options you have, it only goes to show that a very high quality vacuum cleaner doesn't have to put a tremendous dent in the pocket book and the warranty is unbelievable it really puts your mind at ease knowing that if your Garry vacuum cleaner breaks down you will replace it at no cost. Bob! thank you, thank you, thank you I'm giving you two thumbs up if I had more thumbs they would be up too."
Katie From North Carolina ~ 10-02-2009 - "I got my GARY, and I love it !! The best ever !! This vac gets up my dog hair and then it closes so easy as I replace the bag no dust. I also love how easy it is to switch from tools to floor and have the machine running !! Just a happy Gary Vac owner her in North Carolina. Many Thanks !!!"
Laurie S. from Maryland ~ 09-26-2009 - "I love my Garry Vacuum. With the lifetime warranty, this vacuum will surely be my LAST vacuum. So many other vacuums out there promote their "bagless" vacuum but bagless vacuums are messy, kicking dust into the air when cleaning out the container. Garry has a unique feature to trap the dust and dirt in the bag when removing the bag. All the dirt stays in the bag, as it should be! And Garry's bags are affordable, you only pay shipping, and that cost is about the same or less money than standard brands in the stores. Another feature I love is that there is no carpet level adjustment. Whether you are vacuuming short carpet, long carpet, or bare floor, you don't have to adjust. So easy! I purchased the Garry because it claimed to have great suction. It does! With my old vacuum the suction was okay with floor cleaning but when I used the tool attachments the suction power was lost. Not with Garry! Thank you Garry Vacuums, I finally found a vacuum that works! "
Jazz W. from Clayton, NC ~ 09-25-2009 - "I searched for months for a powerful yet reasonably priced vacuum to handle my dust mite problem when I saw the Garry TV commercials. I did some comparison shopping on the Internet and determined that for the money, there is no better vacuum on the market today than the Garry. The powerful suction, hypo-allergenic filtration system, and price were big selling points for me. After I vacuumed the entire house with my Garry, I no longer had a dust mite problem. I raved so much about my new vacuum that my ex-wife ordered a Garry for her elderly Mother. Thanks for a great product at a price that families and even retirees can afford!"
Christine K. from Phoenix, AZ ~ 09-25-2009 - "One night I was watching TV and flipping through channels and when I saw the Garry Vacuum being used I stayed with that channel. Over the years I have tried many vacuums and had not been happy with their performance in one specific area. I have two cats and it seems the hardest thing to vacuum up is the kitty litter they seem to track every where. I have owned Oreck vacuums (mainly because of its light weight). Unfortunately when I tried to vacuum up kitty litter it just tends to get spit out from under the vacuum. I know that Oreck has other models that may have done the trick (two speed) but at the price of over $700, it was out of my price range. When I saw the Garry Vacuum in use and its very affordable price, I knew I had to try it. I am now living in a home that is kitty litter free (except in the litter box where it belongs). Thank you for such a great product."
Carl A from Karmloops Canada ~ 09-25-2009 - "I have been using the Garry Professional Ultralight for about 2 Weeks now. It has out done my Oreck. Yes I have an Oreck, I have been using my Oreck almost 2 year, and I thought I was getting my Floor Clean, what a shock. The pile is picked up and my Carpet looks like new. I have 2 Birds, the Garry has cleaned up after them easier than My Oreck. Having the Suction and Power of the Garry has made cleaning up after the Birds is so much easier. I would recommend the Garry to anyone, to check out before buying any other Vacuum. Thanks Garry Vacuum and thanks Bob "
Larry and Dee R ~ 09-25-2009 - "I did indeed try it, & it appear's to be everything your infomercial said it to be. I was impressed, once again like the size of it, & so much easier to push around than our old Hoover, plus so far, it's picked up everything very well, with the carpeting, & bare floor's. I notice too on the bare floor's, it doesn't just blow it around, which is a big plus. Especially like the weight of the vacuum, with bad shoulder's the lightness of it is great too. "
Michael G. ~ 09-21-2009 - "Received my vacuum on Thursday the 17th of September, proceeded to set it up and then vacuumed 4 hardwood floors, 2 carpeted rooms and 3 tile bathrooms. The results were as you advertised, lite, quick, easy and very efficient. I then brought it to my daughters condo, (Ibought it for her) and did all her hardwoods and tile bathroom and hall and the results were the same. I would highly recommend this product to anyone needing a vacuum, or anyone sick of their heavy old fashioned vacuum. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!"
Mickey F. ~ 09-20-2009 - "I have a dog. I've tried 24 vacuums on my shag rug and they look powerful BUT they did not do a good job. I went over my shag rug with the GARRY AND LOVED IT. IT'S A KEEPER"
Kurt H. ~ 09-18-2009 - "Just ordered the Garry vac and everything is true about it. It is AWESOME! My mother-in-law said, "Finally, you cleaned your carpet!" Told her I just vacuumed with the best vac and she wants to take mine home after using mine. Keep up the great work. Love the vac!"
Shirley C. from Virginia ~ 09-11-2009 - "We love the vac. We have a cat and two dogs and it sucks the pet hair up with no strain, it even traps the smell of pet in the bag. The vac is amazing for the price and how light it is. I hope you publish our review so that we can tell the world how finally we found the right vac and that we will never have to search for another one again! Thanks Bob for the powerful and wonderful product you have introduced to my family."
Debby C. ~ 09-05-2009 - "I just bought the Garry the other day (I own a Rainbow and a Sears now) but they do not compare to the Garry. I loved the Rainbow because of the "clean air" that it left behind no stale odor like my Sears had with the bag. But I also got that with the Garry - the air is fresh and my room smells clean. The vacuum picks up wonderfully and fits under my furniture like I want. I now have to order a supply of bags because when I bought the vacuum I wanted to try before I bought anything else. I am very pleased with the vacuum so far!!"
Fred M. ~ 08-28-2009 - "I have used the Garry vacuum for over two weeks now and it is everything you said it would be! I am considering getting an additional unit for just my upstairs. I am 65 and it would be nice to not have to carry the vacuum up all the steps. Thank you again for the product. Looking forward to seeing you on TV again. Jackie-----My review at this point is a ++++++++++!"
Stu T. from Indio, CA ~ 08-26-2009 - "I received the Garry yesterday. Put it together this morning and used it throughout my home. WHAT A GREAT VACUUM. It's everything that was stated on TV. I have been using a older Oreck and it was time to buy a new vacuum as I stated before. I bought the ultra lite dirt devil and it lasted 3 months. Went back to the old Oreck until I saw the TV promo. This vacuum works. Has great suction even on the sides. It's easy to use and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I will certainly tell everyone I know that if they need a vacuum this is the one."
Kevin M. ~ 08-21-2009 - "Seriously, it does the cleaning of our old Kirby, which was just too heavy for the girls, and it is nearly as light as our previous lightweight one that cost us $200 but that broke some part every time we used it. I patched that other one so many ways, it was more duct tape/homemade than original. My test was as follows: vacuum the upper surface of an oriental rug; flip it over and vacuum the bottom; carefully lift up the rug and see how much dirt remains, then suck that up. You can get a lot of dirt out of a purportedly clean rug this way. Initially, your product is really good. I expect that will continue for years, based on your warranty policy."
Terry K. ~ 08-20-2009 - "Just wanted to write you to let you know how great the Garry is. It is so powerful. Almost makes vacuuming fun. I can even get my daughters to help with the vacuuming now! Thanks for a great product at a great value."
Aimee O. ~ 08-20-2009 - "I really love the vacuum! It's great for when I have to carry it up and down the stairs and I can really feel the suction power it has. The one thing I'm a bit upset about is that I was told it could fit under my "lowest furniture" i.e. beds. It doesn't fit under my bed. Other than that, I do love it and will pass on the great info to my family and friends."
Aloha Sue Waianae From Hawaii ~ 08-19-2009 - "Decided to try the Garry and am very pleased. Am on a fixed income, so this was a very big decision seeing I already had a vacuum that worked well, is light weight, good customer service and maneuvers easily. So happy I took the chance. The Garry has more suction than any vacuum I've ever used. All the tools are on the one unit, I can even reach my ceiling fans to clean now, love the light in front (my Orek doesn't have that), and being able to go from carpet to floor with no problem. Like the clean charcoal grey color, looks modern and sleek."
Carolyn N. From New Jersey ~ 07-22-2009 - "I love this vacuum. I have had so many kinds and this one beats them all. It is so light weight and easy to use. I have recommended this to everyone I know. Thanks for making my house cleaning a little easier!!!"
Randie From Texas ~ 07-20-2009 - "I was so impressed with our first Garry Vacuum that I ordered another one for our summer home. I've been using a Garry for about 8 -weeks now and I have been very pleased with the performance. It is quick, convenient to use and ever so light weight. When my friend had a baby and I went to stay with her to help, I even took my Garry along rather than use her vacuum! I'm sold on it"