Hypo Allergenic Vacuum Bags

If you suffer from allergies, our Garry™ vacuum with its hypo allergenic vacuum bags are able to help combat your indoor allergens.

The Garry™ offers a winning combination to combat allergens and airborne contaminants. The Garry™ vacuum provides a powerful Envion engine that spins up to 6600 RPM to help remove these allergens and harmful contaminants from the air, and our special hypoallergenic vacuum bags help catch these contaminants and filter out the air.

Our hypo allergenic vacuum bags offer the ease in cleanliness you want after vacuuming your floors. No need to mess with dirty chambers and cleaning filters, just remove the disposable hypo allergenic vacuum bags, toss them and your done. Not only will you get superior filter quality. When you purchase one of our Garry™ vacuum cleaners we offer lifetime free replacement hypo allergenic vacuum bags. Just pay shipping and handling.

Garry has completely simplified the hypo allergenic vacuum cleaner experience, by removing all the hassles involved with owning a vacuum – like the ongoing hidden costs of new bags or the necessity of hunting all over when you need more hypo allergenic vacuum bags. You can always find bags at www.garryvac.com, and we give you free bags for life! 

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