High Suction Vacuums

The Garry™ vacuum is a high suction vacuum, as it delivers 40% more suction power than the competition. And the Garry™ vacuum is equipped with a high-power agitating brush that spins at an impressive 6,600 RPM. 

The Garry™ vacuum is made with built-in Hypo-allergenic cleaning technology that cleans the air as it cleans the floor.

The Garry™ high suction vacuum’s inner bag system (the bag that captures the dirt) consists of 3 layers: the innermost and outermost layers are made of air-permeable paper material to allow for a high volume of air to penetrate, and the middle layer is made of a high-performance fiber material similar to the material used for HEPA air filters to filter dust and allergens out of the air, creating a high suction vacuum. 

The powerful Garry™ vacuum has a high speed agitator (cleaning brush) that operates at 6600 rpm in the vacuum head, creating a high suction vacuum.  The Garry™ high suction vacuum delivers 40% more suction power than the competition!

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