High Power Vacuum Cleaner

The Garry™ high power vacuum cleaner, with its impressive 6,600 RPM Envion engine, makes it one of the top high power vacuum cleaners on the market today. With 40% more suction power than the competition and a powerful agitating brush system, the Garry™ creates a combination that must be seen to be believed.

Garry™ high power vacuum cleaners provide all the power needed to thoroughly clean your carpets and rugs.

Our high power vacuum cleaners reach the dirt you can’t see. Below the surface of all your carpets lays a layer of dirt that is unreachable, that is, until now. Garry™ high power vacuum cleaners get to this deep down dirt. Garry™ high power vacuum cleaner provides the suction and agitation needed to remove this deep down dirt and revitalize your carpet fibers, helping your carpets look newer longer.

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