High Performance Vacuum

The Garry™ vacuum is a high performance vacuum. It’s impressive 6,600 RPM Envion engine delivers 40% more suction power than the competition. Combine this with a high-power agitating brush and you have a high performance vacuum that can't be beat.

 The Garry™ high performance vacuum has the punch needed to thoroughly clean your carpets and rugs.

At the bottom of your carpets there is a layer of dirt that you just can't see. A lot of vacuums just remove the contaminated from the top, and the lack of a power often times knocks these contaminants down further.

Over time this deep down dirt can cause your carpets to prematurely break down. With 40% more power than the competition, Garry™
high performance vacuum provides the suction and agitation
needed to get this deep down dirt and revitalize your carpet fibers.

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