Furniture Vacuum Cleaner

Do you have pets that love to sleep on your couch or are your children getting food all over your furniture? If so, you're probably looking for a way to keep your furniture looking like new. The Garry™ furniture vacuum cleaner is the ultimate for removing those crumbs in those deep crevices and wipes out that dreaded hair quickly.

The Garry™ furniture vacuum cleaner packs a powerful 6,600 RPM engine that packs the punch you need to keep your furniture clean.

Don't worry about those smells from the food, pet hair and dander entering the air. The Garry™ furniture vacuum uses a special filtration bag to filter out all those bad smells and the harmful particles in the air. Best of all, when you purchase a Garry™ furniture vacuum cleaner you receive a lifetime supply of replacement bags, just pay shipping and handling.

With its ultimate power, ease of use, free vacuum bagsand backed by a Lifetime Zero Maintenance No Hassle Limited Warranty, what's not to love about the Garry™ furniture vacuum cleaner.
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