Debbie from Memphis, TN

Bob – I have 2 dogs and its spring time, so they are shedding like crazy. How is the Garry Vacuum compared to other vacuums in picking up dog hair?

Hi Debbie, I've got dogs too, and the Garry vacuum is like a hound dog picking up dog hair (Sorry about the Elvis reference). Garry Vacuum uses the powerful 6600 RPM Envion engine and Garry's hypo-allergenic-type bag filtration system has a five layer germicidal outer bag and three layer inner bag. Thanks to those multiple layers, the filtration system removes harmful particles in your air down to .3 microns. At .3 MICRONS dog hair doesn't stand a chance. So you can see for yourself that Garry will deliver you a dog-hair-free home, I'm sending you one free. I'm THAT confident that this will be the last vacuum you'll ever need! Thanks for the question.

Nancy from Tupelo Mississippi

Bob what's the gimmick with the free vacuum bags?

No gimmick – the folks at Garry are out to revolutionize the vacuum cleaner experience. So they got rid of all the hassles involved with owning a vacuum – like the ongoing hidden costs of new bags or having to hunt all over for more of them. You can always find bags at, and because they were able to get the costs so low (there's no middle man), Garry decided to give you the bags free for life – all you pay is shipping and processing!! Nancy I'm sending you some extra bags with your order. Thanks for the great question!

Alison from Ventura, CA

Bob I have been through vacuum after vacuum -- they keep breaking on me. Sometimes the suction goes, sometimes the engine burns up. I can't return them to the store so I'm out a lot of money. What happens if the Garry breaks?

Alison - the Garry vacuum is backed by a Lifetime Zero Maintenance No Hassle Limited Warranty. Which states that Garry will replace it free of charge just pay S+P. It's that simple, give the folks at Garry a heads up by calling customer service, you simply send it back and they'll ship you another Garry Vacuum. Thanks for a great question. I'm sending you one free. Throw everything you've got at it and you'll see Garry's amazing quality. Mark my words this will be the last vacuum you will own.

Bill from Chicago, IL

Bob I have allergies and here in Chicago it gets really bad in the spring and summer months; I do quite a bit of wood working. I have lots of wood shavings and dust.

Bill -- it works on hardwoods, concrete, and carpets. As I mentioned in the show, the Garry Vacuum has a three layer inner bag which removes harmful particles in your air down to .3 microns. Best of all the Hypoallergenic technology purifies air & reduces germs. If you have allergies I would also recommend an Air Purifier with HEPA Type Filtration. A few recommendations or This is not a wet vac, so please do not use Garry to clean up water or spills. However, check out the Garry car vac -- it is wet/dry so if you do spill something in the car you're all set.

Question Margaret from Trenton, NJ

Bob, I have a beautiful home with 3 cats. I love to cook – Apple pie is my specialty. I'm wondering if you're single and if you would you like to come over for some pie?

Margaret – I am flattered. Your Apple Pie recipe looks wonderful. However, I will have to ask Mrs. Bob if I can come over. Margaret has allowed me to send her Apple Pie Recipe to everyone. If any of you would like a Free copy of the Margaret's apple pie recipe please e-mail me at

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