Allergen Vacuum

Do you or your love ones suffer from allergies? Did you know that if you have carpet the majority of the allergens located in your home are buried deep within your carpet? Just by walking on your carpeted floors can release these harmful allergens into the air. Even hard floors can have dust and other allergens that sweeping just can’t remove.

Rid your carpets and floors from harmful dust, dirt and allergens with the Garry™ allergen vacuum. The Garry™ allergen vacuum combats allergens by providing an allergen fighting combination with its powerful 6600 RPM Envion motor and five layer filtration bag system. With the Garry™ allergen vacuum’s superior vacuum bag system you will filter out harmful particles down to .3 microns from both your air and your flooring. The Garry™ allergen vacuum bags offer germicidal protection to help fight the growth of mold, mildew and viruses.

If you looking for a simple allergen vacuum cleaner the Garry™ is the perfect option. No more will you have to mess with messy bag less systems, which can redistribute harmful allergens back into the air.

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