Allergen Vacuum Cleaner

Do you have a problem with allergies? The Garry™ allergen vacuum cleaner’s powerful 6600 RPM Envion engine and hypo-allergenic-type bag filtration system’s five-layer germicidal outer bag and three layer inner bag removes harmful particles in your air down to .3 microns. Furthermore, the inner and outer layers of the bag have been treated with a germicidal chemical to reduce the growth of mold, bacteria and viruses, as well as odor-causing dust mites
The Garry™ allergen Vacuum cleaner works on hardwood, concrete, and carpets. The Garry™ allergen vacuum cleaner delivers 40% more suction power than the competition. It’s equipped with a high-power agitating brush that spins at an impressive 6,600 RPM. The Garry™ allergen vacuum cleaner with its hypoallergenic technology purifies air & reduces germs.  In fact, the Garry™ allergen vacuum cleaner three-layer inner bag removes harmful particles in your air down to .3 microns!

Garry has completely simplified the allergen vacuum cleaner experience, by removing all the hassles involved with owning a vacuum – like the ongoing hidden costs of new bags or the necessity of hunting all over when you need more bags. You can always find bags at, and we give you free bags for life! 

Click here to find out more about The Garry™ allergen vacuum cleaner. Find out why we are the best and why thousands of people choose our allergen vacuum cleaner over all the rest.

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